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3 years ago

S2E8 - What do QAnon and Labyrinth Have In Common?

Stephanie Kemmerer joins Ben to discuss the real life horrors of life-destroying conspiracy theories and David Bowie's questionable codpiece.

Episode Notes

In this episode of Last Year's Horror, Ben is joined by former 9/11 truther turned conspiracy theory debunker Stephanie Kemmerer to ask the burning question on everyone’s mind: is 1986’s Jim Henson directed dark fantasy classic Labyrinth part of a vast conspiracy to confirm the truth behind QAnon’s wildest accusations of child-eating and satanism carried out by the US’s Deep State elite? Hint: no, it isn’t. But it’s a lot of fun comparing what the infamously wacky conspiracy theorist cult that attempted to overthrow the US government has in common with a movie starring puppets and featuring a farting bog. Oddly, there’s more in common between these two than you might think! Follow us on social media:



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