Last Year's Horror
The horror movie podcast that's always a year behind. A member of Ordis Studios podcast network.
S2E2 - Gretel & Hansel

Just a show about two kids hiking through the woods, eating magic mushrooms! Join us for our discussion of Gretel & Hansel!

S2E1 - Underwater

Last Year's Horror returns with a splash to discuss 2020's horror movies! First up: Underwater!

S1E25 - Season 1 Finale Special Extravaganza Woop Woop!

We drop some exciting news about the show, review the best and worst of 2019, and look forward to next season!

S1E24 - The Lighthouse

What does the mermaid mean, though? WHAT DOES THE MERMAID MEAN?!?!

S1E23 - IT: Chapter 2

We look Pennywise in the deadlights and ask, "You live in the sewer and you keep talking about floaters. Is that, like, a poop thing?"

S1E22 - Doctor Sleep

Does the sequel to The Shining stand up to the original? Does it even stand on its own? Ian Doherty returns to help us find the answers!

S1E21 - Zombieland: Double Tap

In which we get real awkward with the wiener talk.

S1E20 - Ready Or Not

In which we fawn over Samara Weaving for, like, a really long time. And Patrick Swayze for some reason?