Last Year's Horror
The horror movie podcast that's always a year behind. A member of Ordis Studios podcast network.
S1E19 - Ma

These teenagers are, like, dumb.

S1E18 - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

"Hugs are different now." -Carey

S1E16 - Midsommar PART 1

Gracie Jarvis from Good Mourning, Nancy joins us for part one of our gigantic discussion of Ari Aster's sophomore effort!

S1E17 - Midsommar PART 2

Gracie Jarvis of Good Mourning, Nancy joins us for part two of our hugemongous chat on Midsommar.

S1E15 - One Cut of the Dead

It's not what you think, and that's a good thing.

S1E14 - Crawl

Gators, competitive swimming, and divorce: what do they have in common? Not much, but don't tell this movie.

S1E13 - Brightburn

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a tweenage alien psychopath!

S1E12 - Killer Sofa

Candles, couches, and c*ck. With apologies to New Zealand for our bad accent attempts.