Last Year's Horror
The horror movie podcast that's always a year behind. A member of Ordis Studios podcast network.
S1E11 - The Prodigy

We're joined by Alton Knight to tackle the age-old question: is it scarier walking into a dark basement, or climbing the stairs to get out? Also, Carey reveals how to get an illegal handgun from a pawn shop.

S1E10 - Child's Play (2019)

"Nobody told me the f*cking doll was ginger."

S1E9 - The Perfection

Two girls, one cello.

S1E8 - The Silence

BATS! Also, we got hacked!

S1E7 - Pandemic Palooza Special: 28 Days Later / Q&A

Our first special!

S1E6 - Pet Sematary

Sometimes, the original is betta.

S1E5 - I'm Just F*cking With You

In which we discover our new favorite horror villain.

S1E4 - US

In which we answer the all-important question: Is this movie just one giant Michael Jackson Rickroll?